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   Apr 11

How to Protect Your Mobile Phone From Thieves

phoneMobile phone thieves are on the rise; they strike their criminal act in busy crowds and in every day environments such as Café’s, shops and bars. The most common place for a mobile phone to be stolen is stations and bus stops. Here the public are not as aware of what is going on around them and are primarily concentrating on their bus time or rushing to the station platform. It’s in these situations where opportunistic thieves will be on the lookout for easy pickings.

The local police have sent out patrols to counteract this problem but as members of the public the most effective way to reduce the risk of phone theft is to follow some simple tips:

Put it away – Don’t leave mobile phones out on the bar table, put it back into bags. It is very easy for a thief to quickly pick up a mobile phone when its not being consciously watched and is out in the open.

Thieves are experts at being discreet and quick. If a person is walking and sending messages at the same time, it will leave them very vulnerable. Thieves see this as an opportunity whilst they are walking past or on their bikes.

The point of a cell phone is that its mobile, public have the freedom to use them on the go. The best way to reduce the risk of a stolen phone whilst using it is to keep the conversation brief. The longer the phone call the more attention you will receive. Thieves will spot public on their phones and they will follow their victim to a quieter place to enable their attack out of witnesses eyes.

When a mobile phone is stolen the most important thing to do is to prevent the culprit from being able to use it and/or have access to your private pictures, contacts, information and social media. Once the service provider is rung they will be able to block the phone immediately.

Other measures you can take to protect your phone against theft, or at least make it more difficult for a thief to get hold of them:

  • Install anti phone theft software – there are suppliers that provide modern anti theft software for your smartphone. This software then enables you to remotely contact your phone and stay in control.
  • Use a protective case – cases can not only protect your phone from damage, they can also serve the purpose of clever disguise. If a potential thief cannot figure out if your phone is a Samsung Galaxy S2 or iPhone 5 they may be less willing to take the risk. There are many mobile phone cases available that can help you keep it looking inconspicuous.
  • Add a security mark – use an ultra violet pen to put your post code onto both your handset and battery. This will make it easily identifiable as your property when stolen.

A theft is a criminal act, especially if it is an attack on the public. The safety of a person is then put at risk in more serious cases. If a mobile phone is stolen it should be reported to the nearest police station. The owner of the mobile phone should also ring their insurance provider.

On most smartphones, a keypad lock function is provided. It is a good idea to use this function so the phone is automatically locked when not in use. This means the thief cannot use the phone immediately and the victim can block the phone before it is accessed.

   Aug 12

Why I Always Keep Acetaminophen On Hand

pain reliefWhen it comes to soothing routine aches and pains or dealing with more serious fevers, I always turn to the power of acetaminophen oxycodone. This is true no matter if the patient is myself or one of my small children. I know that I can count on this treatment to be safe as well as effective, not to mention readily available on just about any drug store or convenience store shelf.

While there are certainly other pain relievers and fever reducing drugs available on the market, I prefer to stick with what I know works. Acetaminophen is my family’s go-to product.

   Aug 06

How To Determine The Right Dosage Of Methadone

methadoneWe had finally gotten my uncle to try and kick his heroin habit. When I say that, it sounds so nonchalant, but the truth of the matter is we had tried for years. And, it takes more than just “kicking the habit”. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t until he overdosed and ended up in the hospital that we were even able to convince him. In order to get him off the dangerous drug, there was a treatment program needed and a long-term determination by his doctor of what methadone dosage to prescribe.

But let me cut the long story short, go to the following site if you want to find out more about methadone and its dosage guidelines –

   Jul 02

I’ve Been Recently Diagnosed With Angular Cheilitis

cheilosisAs I sad above, I’ve recently been diagnosed with angular cheilitis, and I have no idea how it happened. At first I thought I had a canker sore, and then I was really scared that I had herpes, so I went to the doctor and he said it was something called “angular cheilitis”.  The doctor said it usually happens in older people – I’m barely thirty! I have no idea how this happened. I barely even understand what it is. I’ve been searching it on the internet all day and I’m just getting weird results and really gross pictures.

Someone told me it could have also happened because it was cold, but it’s summer now and it hasn’t been cold at all! Quite the opposite, really. There’s also something here about contact dermatitis. I don’t know what that means, but it kinda sounds serious? Who do I go to see about that? My doctor didn’t say much, just that it’s a kind of fungus. He gave me an antifungal cream and said it would fix me up. Except what if it doesn’t? What if I have this other thing?

   May 17

Take Time For Pampering At The Day Spa

day spaThere is nothing quite like taking time for yourself and focusing on your health, well being and overall comfort. However, with so many people having a busy schedule these days it isn’t always feasible to take off several days to a retreat or spa for pampering. This is when a trip to the day spa is the perfect remedy to help you de-stress and focus on yourself for a little while to enjoy some much overdue pampering.

To find a good day spa take a look online or in your yellow pages for listings. In addition to that, your local paper might even have advertisements or specials that you can take advantage of for a day of pampering. There are a variety of spa locations that will offer full day packages or even individual treatments so you can customize your experience to your needs and budget.

Many people, whether they just want to get away for a few hours or they are looking for a day out with friends, enjoy a visit to a day spa for everything from massages and facials to waxing or pedicures. There are plenty of wonderful things that you can have done that will help you look and feel amazing. As a matter of fact, you might find that the spa is a place where you will want to go on a regular basis in order to unwind and just feel better.

Whether you are going to try out an aromatherapy bath for the first time or you have always wanted to try a seaweed wrap, day spas in London are certainly good places where you can go and feel truly pampered. Even if you are looking for a great gift for someone you love, nothing is like a gift certificate for a day out to enjoy stress free treatments.

   May 07

Halls Cough Drops – Slow Suck At A Time

cough dropsHave you ever had a sleepless night due to a sore throat or a constant cough? Not only does it usually keep you awake, but maybe it wakens the entire household. You try and try to stop or disguise the loud rasping cough by various methods. You may drink a glass of water or take a spoonful of honey. When desperate you may even put your head in the pillow so as to muffle the sound. But nothing seems to work as you continue to irritate your loved ones with a lack of sleep.

Is there anything that one can do when faced with this irritable situation? There is one thing that has proven success for many. It is a simple process and it only involves a small item. However, they say that good things come in small packages and that is definitely true with this product.

The product’s name is Halls cough drops. They are available in a variety of delicious and very effective flavors. I personally prefer the cherry flavored ones. However, the original flavored ones seem to be the most beneficial for both a cough and a sore throat.